Different Type of Trout Species

Different Type of Trout Species

Type of Trout Commonly Used in Fish Farm

Trout are a common target for fisherman and also a good type of fish to raise in a fish farm. That is because this fish has high protein content and a common food item. This fish is closely related to salmon and sometimes can be a little bit difficult to differentiate them. There are many types of trout available out there in the world. But here are some of the most common trout species.

1. Brook Trout

Brook Trout

This elongated fish also commonly known as speckled trout. Brook trout can grow to 9-10 inches in length with black colored skin and white edges on the lower part of the body. They have yellow and dark spots around the body and red lines around the edges of the body. These fish is usually found in cold water around the stream in the mountainous area. Therefore, these fish are abundant in the northern region such as Canada, western Minnesota, also around the southern part of the Appalachian mountain. Adult fish usually eat small insects, ants, as well as beetles and smaller fishes.

2. Brown Trout

Type of trout Brown Trout

There are three types of brown trout. The sea trout, small resident trout, and the lake brown trout. They have different appearances based on where they live. The brown trout living in the sea has dark colored back with a hint of silver and black spots around the gill. Meanwhile, those living in the lake usually have pale colored spots rather than black as the other type does.

This fish eats smaller animals live on the seafloor. While brown fish that live in the lake usually eat pelagic species. However, they are also commonly seen around the river to find another menu such as insects or larvae.

Brown trout requires clean and cold water to be able to live and thrive. It also demands a lot of oxygen in the water to remain active and live well. Therefore, this fish is more commonly found in colder places like Finland.

3. Rainbow Trout

Type of trout Rainbow Trout

You will easily hear about rainbow trout fish farm because these fish is the most common type of Trout used in the fish farming business. It looks a lot like salmon and maybe a little bit difficult to differentiate them. While the whole body is dark colored, you will see various colored spots like red, yellow, green, or violet.

Rainbow trout is a carnivorous fish and they love eating other smaller fish or insects. They will also eat pupae, small mollusks, and many more. This fish commonly found in cool water around the Northern region, and also around the Pacific Ocean.

4. Cutthroat trout

Cutthroat trout

This fish has a unique orange color under the body with yellow skin and dark spots on top of the yellow part. The name cutthroat came from the orange line that almost looks like a cut around the neck area.

5. Lake trout

Lake trout

This type of trout is the largest biggest species of all trout and usually live in large bodies of water. The color depends on where they live but usually varies between dark purple, green, or silver. Meanwhile, the flesh is usually white or orange depends on what they eat. The red-orange flesh is usually common among lake trout that eat insects or crustaceans. They also eat large prey and even can eat other trout as well.

6. Golden Trout

Golden Trout

This one is the smaller species among another type of trout. It is a golden colored fish with bright red or orange stripes around the side. These fish live in freshwater located around the mountainous area or higher altitude. Due to its small size, Golden Trout are usually also eating smaller animals such as insects or shrimps.

Although there are a lot of trout species available, an only certain type of trout is commonly cultivated in fish farm especially the three first mentioned above. If you want to try raising trout as a business, you can learn how to raise them by reading articles about trout fish farming. You need to learn about their living environment, habit, feeding pattern, and so on. By understanding these things, you can create an environment that mimics their natural habitat. Most importantly, use high-quality trout pond like those available in articles that we have published about the Price of round tarpaulin pool.

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