Various Type of Tilapia Fish

Various Type of Tilapia Fish

Learning About the Type of Tilapia Fish

Many of you should have known about tilapia fish or type of tilapia fish by now.

It is a type of fish that lives in the freshwater like lake, river, or ponds, but can have high adaptability to saline water.

These characteristics make these fish perfect for farming and easily developed in many other environments than its original habitat.

However, the high adaptability and its robust and omnivorous characteristics can mean that this fish can be invasive too.

Although tilapia is a common fish, however, not many people know that tilapia is not only a term to one type of fish only.

In fact, hundreds of species of cichlid fish are called tilapia as its common name.

Considering that it consists of many species, this means that there is a lot of types of tilapia fish.

Let’s find out the tilapia classification as well as its commonly found type.

Tilapia Classification

In terms of classification, tilapia is the genus comes from the cichlid family which is actually an endemic fish of Southern Africa.

However, this fish is now cultivated in various other countries including Indonesia.

There are currently four species of tilapia, the Tilapia baloni, Tilapia guinasana, Tilapia ruweti, and Tilapia sparmanii.

In addition to those four species, there are other fishes that sometimes considered as a types tilapia but actually belongs to another group such as Tilapia brevimanus, Tilapia busumana, and Tilapia pra.

Type of Tilapia Commonly Found

As previously mentioned above, tilapia comes in a variety of species. However, three types tilapiais commonly found and consumed than others.

1. Blue Tilapia

Blue tilapia

The first type is Blue Tilapia which originates in Northern Africa and in the Middle East.

It has blue-gray color and pink-white around its belly.

This species also called Orochromis aureus, which in the United States is considered as an invasive species because it causing environmental damage.

This types of tilapiais actually a freshwater fish, however, it has developed a tolerance for brackish water.

It can grow up to 20 cm with 2.7kg in weight.

The largest blue tilapia ever recorded was 53 cm long with 4.5kg weight.

2. Mozambique Tilapia

Mozambique Tilapia

The Oreochromis mossambicus or is also known as Mozambique tilapia is originally from southern Africa.

However, this fish is now found in other areas especially in those with a tropical and subtropical climate.

The color depends on where the fish grow, but generally, the native one has a dull green or yellowish color.

This fish can grow up to 35 cm long and 1.13 kg in weight. The Mozambique tilapia is great for farming purpose because it is readily adapting to new conditions and the available food source.

However, since it is a robust and omnivorous fish, it can easily over-colonize the habitat where the fish lives.

3. Red Tilapia

Red Tilapia

Red Tilapia comes from the cross of Orechromis mossambicus albino and Orechromis niloticus.

This is a bigger type of tilapia and has a reddish color, from which this fish got its name.

Among the three two other types of tilapia mentioned previously, red tilapia has a higher market value.

It weighs around 1-2 pounds and reaches maturity within five to seven months.

This fish is popular in the USA and has become the 4th most eaten seafood in the USA.

In fact, this fish is also the most commonly cultivated in Indonesia.

Aside from its pretty color, this types of tilapia also tastes great and show good color when cooked.

The kinds of tilapia are very important for you to know in cultivating tilapia.

If you are serious in cultivating tilapia it is better if you read an article about The Secret of Tilapia Cultivation in an Easy Way.

GIFT Tilapia

GIFT Tilapia

Tilapia is not only produced naturally, some types of tilapia are genetically improved for better consumption production, GIFT tilapia is one of them.

GIFT is short for Genetically Improved Farmed Tilapia, which is a selective improved strain of tilapia.

This variety has a growth rate faster than another type of tilapia, namely 85% faster than the usual fish.

With this fast growing fish, this means that GIFT tilapia can also be harvested quicker.

Additionally, this fish also has firmer flesh than other tilapia strain.

It also tastes better and can produce harvest bigger than the usual strain. In fact, it can reach up to 12 metric tons of fish per hectare.

Due to its quick harvest period, these fish become a good source of income and nutrition for small-scale farmers or household.

Today, the GIFT tilapia has been produced in at least 14 countries around the world.

Tilapia is rich in important nutrients for humans such as minerals, vitamins, protein, and essential fatty acids.

The great thing about this is that this fish is not only its benefits for the health but also because it is affordable.

It can be a great source of nutrition and improve food security for a lot of communities in the world.

Consider which type of tilapia is best for farming, and a small-scale fish farmer can gain a lot of profit and benefit from this fish.

To get good quality tilapia, cultivation using a round tarpaulin is the solution. You can read the article about This advantage of using tilapia ponds.

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