Various Types of Ornamental Fish You Need to Consider Raising

Various Types of Ornamental Fish You Need to Consider Raising

Types of Ornamental Fish That Are Easy to Raise

Ornamental fish farming is one of the potential business alternatives due to the high demand for this type of fish as pets and decoration. These fish are easy to raise and doesn’t really need high initial investment. If you are intended to try this business, you can learn anything you need to know about the proper way of ornamental fish farming and you need to understand what type of ornamental fish are available in the market and which one of them that are always in high demand.

Various Types of Ornamental Fish Species You Need to Consider Raising

Ornamental fish are usually kept in two types of aquariums, cold water or heated water aquarium. Different type of ornamental fish can survive in a different type of water. To make sure that you don’t raise them in the wrong environment, here is the specific guide for you of what kinds of ornamental fish to raise.

Ornamental Fish Species for Aquarium with Cold Water

The cold water here does not mean that you can use really cold water, but you should keep the water at room temperature instead. You also need to add lights and filtration system to make sure that it still has good water circulation and the water remains clear.

1. GoldFish


Goldfish will thrive when you place them in an aquarium with room temperature around 62oF to 74oF. If this is your first time of raising ornamental fish, try goldfish first as a trial. This fish is easier to raise and highly adaptable. Goldfish comes in various size and color, making it a pretty addition for an aquarium.

2. Mollies


Mollies can survive both in freshwater and saltwater. However, if you are planning to raise them for your ornamental fish farming project, make sure you change the water gradually. Extreme changes from saltwater into freshwater and vice versa will be harmful to them.

3. Neon Tetra

Neon Tetra

This type of ornamental fish are smaller in size but have a beautiful skin color that can look shining as they swim around the aquarium. These fish are better to keep a bigger group, so you may need to raise a lot of them.

4. White Cloud

White Cloud Fish

Just like Neon Tetra does, White Cloud fish also love to live in groups. They can live in a temperature of 60oF and usually swim around the top or middle part of the water.

5. Cichlid


This fish has a bright and colorful appearance, making it highly popular among ornamental fish owners. These bright colored fish will be a great addition to an aquarium.

Type of Ornamental Fish for Heated Aquarium

There are a lot more type of ornamental fish for heated aquarium than for the cold aquarium. However, we are going to discuss the five most popular fish among them.

1. Black Skirt Tetra

Black Skirt Tetra

This fish has a softer color compared to other bright and multi-colored fish. However, this fish is a good balance to an aquarium, therefore it is still highly sought after by many fish owners.

2. Swordtail


This fish has a shiny body with orange color. The elongated tail looks almost sword-like and it looks graceful when swimming around the aquarium. This fish is also easily adaptable to the new environment, making it a perfect choice for beginners.

3. Danio


This small fish has bright shiny skin. This fish is also strong and easily adapt to any types of condition. You will see this fish flocks in the group and commonly seen swimming around the surface.

4. Betta


This fish has a magnificent tail and fins that will look great in any aquariums. Its fantastic colors and shine will catch anyone’s attention to the aquarium. However, this fish really love to fight, so it is better to keep it separated from other fishes.

5. Platy


There are a lot of platy types out there, making it a great species to try for beginners. They are amicable creature and breeds many times. Unfortunately, their babies are prone to a predator because the predators usually eat them. Therefore, make sure to separate them from other types of fish especially when they are still babies.

Those are some type of ornamental fish you can raise based on their living environment. Placing the fish in an aquarium that closely mimics their natural environment is the key to keep them healthy and thriving. Although you are going to place them in a pond, make sure that you only use a good quality of the pond. You can get a high-quality ornamental fish pond in article about The Price of Ornamental Fish Farming Pond.

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