Things to Consider When You Decide to Make Tilapia Fish Farming Business Plan

Tilapia Fish Farming Business Plan

What Should You Have or Do When You Have a Tilapia Fish Farming Business Plan

Tilapia farming business has been done by many people because it offers a good business. Many methods are also have been developed by the fish farmers to make the nurture get easier. It can be a new choice of yours if you intend to do the farming business. But make sure that you have made a good fish farm business plan before you jump into this new business.  

The article below will give you information that you need if you are having a tilapia fish farm business plan.  You may get a good inside after reading this article.

The ease of tilapia fish farming business plan

The ease of tilapia fish farming business plan

Doing the fish farm, especially tilapia, has been developed by using many methods by the fish farmers now. One of the ways is using the fish farm tank. By using the fish farm tank to nurture the tilapia, your tilapia fish farming will find more ease. By using this media, it will need less capital and it will be more efficient comparing to the old-fashioned pool which requires more treatment.

The Capital for Tilapia Fish Farming Business

When you are planning a business, an analysis of the business should be done so that you can have an assumption or prediction about what will happen when you run the business. The same thing happens for the tilapia fish farming business plan.

The first thing you should know is how much is the capital you need for a tilapia fish farming business plan? You will need the money to prepare all the things you need like the tilapia fish farming equipment, the fish farm tank, the budget to buy the fish, the fish food, the maintenance, and other stuff.

Let’s see the details here:

  • The fish farm tank: You will need around USD 279 on this post. If you don’t want to bother to make a tilapia fish farm tank by yourself, you can buy it at There you can find a good quality product for your tilapia fish farm business plan.
  • For the maintenance, you can spare USD 70.
  • To buy the fish you may spend USD 105 for 100 fish
  • To buy fish food, you need approximately USD 1043.
  • For the staff salary, you can spend USD 209
  • And for the spare budget, you’d better allocate USD 70

So, to sum up you need approximately USD 1739 to start a tilapia fish farming business.

The Analysis of tilapia fish farming business

The Analysis of tilapia fish farming business

You have to know that from 100 fish that you put into the fish tank, there is 10% of possibility that you cannot harvest them. So, to make it save, it will be better for you to buy more fish at the beginning, let’s say 120 or more. The tilapia will be ready to be harvested in 6-7 months.

The good thing about tilapia is that, not only easy to be nurtured, but tilapia also offers a good business. You can get profit as much as USD 3.5 per kilo from the selling of the tilapia.

Imagine when you find a correct market tilapia fish, and then you can sell 1000 tilapia fish, how much profit you can get?

 The advantage of Tilapia Fish Farming

Why you should go into the tilapia fish farming business? The answer is that you can find many advantages from this business, i.e.:

  1. Tilapia has a good selling price, and it isn’t hard for you to find the market for tilapia.
  2. The proses in nurturing the fish can be said quite easy compared to other fish like catfish.
  3. The budget you need is quite affordable and adjustable to your needs.
  4. The nurture and maintenance are simple and can be done by anyone, even those who aren’t an expert.
  5. No need many spaces, water or your time.
  6. It takes only 6-7 months to harvest, so you can enjoy the result in relatively short time
  7. The risk of failure in the harvest in only 10%
  8. If you don’t have much budget, you can start to do it yourself, no need to employ anyone else.

The Importance of fish tank for tilapia fish farming business plan

The fish tank as the media of fish farming has a very important role. You should carefully pick the best fish tank for your fish farming business. Nowadays, there spreading market tilapia fish farm tanks, but you may consider visiting a page about Tilapia Pond for your farming, In this page, you can get one because it will give you a guarantee of its best product.

If you seriously intend to do the tilapia fish farming business, it will be better for you to read articles about how to do the tilapia fish farming at round tarpaulin pool, because in the article you will find the guidance about the secret of tilapia fish farming super intensive that surely you need.

The best food for tilapia

If you want to be successful in doing the business, you should be carefully paying attention of how to feed and nutrition for the fish. Here is the best food for tilapia so that they will grow bigger faster:

1. Taro leaves

A lot of fish farmers give taro leaves for their tilapia. There are several reasons why they give taro leaves for tilapia food. First, it’s easier to find the leaves. Besides, it costs less than other kind of fish food. In addition, by giving taro leaves, the fish won’t get addicted to the artificial fish food like pellets.

2. Kale

It’s another organic food option for tilapia. Sometimes, the fish farmers cut the kale into pieces then throw them into the fish tank. But some others even deliberately plant the kale inside the pond, so that the tilapia can eat them whenever they want to.

3. Bran

This kind of fish food fits smaller tilapia which has a small mouth. Another reason is that bran contains much carbohydrate which is good for growth.

So, if you have a tilapia fish farming business plan, why don’t you start right now?

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