Important Ornamental Fish Feed Based on the Stage of Growth

Important Ornamental Fish Feed Based on the Stage of Growth

Understanding Formulated and Organic Ornamental Fish Feed

There are a lot of things to learn about when you want to try ornamental fish farming. If you are a beginner in this field, you may need to read a lot of articles on how to properly raising ornamental fish. One of the most important things you need to pay attention to when raising ornamental fish is feeding. Feeding this type of fish needs patience and understanding of different fish’s life cycle and habits. Not only you need to make sure that you are giving the right ornamental fish feed, but also give them in the right portion.

Various Types of Fish Feed

Various Types of Fish Feed

Live foods are perfect for adding color and also to improve their condition in order to make them ready for breeding. Although it is good for them, you should not restrict them to live foods only because it can hinder their growth. Additionally, live foods are a potential aquarium pest carrier which may cause disease to your ornamental fish. However, this can be prevented by disinfecting them first before giving them to your fish.

1. Earthworms


The earthworm is perfect for any type of fish, including ornamental fish. It is easy to find around the garden. But don’t give it directly to your fish, keep them in a sealed container with small air holes instead. After a few days, the worm will clean off any wastes and you can give them to the fishes.

2. Sludge worms

Sludge worms

Although it is considered as natural food for fish, a lot of this feed live in the polluted area. Therefore you need to rinse them under running water gently for several hours before giving them to your fish.

3. Water fleas

Water fleas

Water fleas are good for a bigger fish fry or for adult fish that are conditioned for spawning. However, this live food is prone to unwanted pests. Therefore, you should get them from the pond that is free from fish.

4. Bloodworms


It is an ideal winter ornamental fish feed for fishes when other types of live food are usually scarce or unavailable.

5. Microscopic algal species

Microscopic algal species

For hatchlings aged 1-week, you can feed them with green water containing species of microscopic algal.  These organic ornamental fish feeds are best for their growth.

In addition, to live feeds, you can also give formulated feeds to your fish. This type of food usually contains proper and sufficient nutrition for the fish.

1. Dry feed

Dry feeds

Dry feed usually has 8 to 10 % moisture and can come in five forms, pellets, flakes, freeze-dried feed, tablet form and crumble feed. The dry feed can be great food for fish in the pond, however, some of them may sink and dissolves in the water fast. Therefore, look for fish that can floats and sinks slowly so that it is easily spotted by the fish and get eaten fast.

2. Moist feed

Moist feed

The moist feed has 35% moisture content and therefore, it is not long-lasting. It is usually prepared daily for daily fish feeding.

3. Semi-moist feed

The semi-moist feed is usually prepared in the form of a paste. This type of feed is perfect for baby fishes as this is softer and can be given in smaller pieces.

Understanding ornamental fish feed is important if you are trying to start an ornamental fish farming business. It is one of the key points that will ensure your fish can grow well and healthy. In addition to their feed, you need to also pay attention to the pond where they are raised in are in good quality. Find high-quality ornamental fish ponds in articles about The Price of Ornamental Fish Farming Pond.

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