Ornamental Fish Farming, a Profitable Business Potential

Ornamental Fish Farming, a Profitable Business Potential

Everything You Need to Know About Ornamental Fish Farming on Fish Farm Tank

Who doesn’t love colorful fishes swimming around the river or ocean? But having to travel to the ocean or seas to see these beautiful creatures can seem like a hassle for some people and they may opt to have ornamental fish as a pet instead. Many people love ornamental fishes as a pet, therefore, increasing the potential of ornamental fish farming in many countries.

ornamental fish farming

The increasing demand for ornamental fish creating a job opportunity to supply these types of fishes. If you are interested in ornamental fish farming projects, there are a lot of things to learn beforehand, although raising these fishes usually doesn’t really take hard work or raising a lot of concern. In this article, we are going to thoroughly discuss everything you need to know about fish farming, especially for ornamental fishes.

The benefit of Raising Ornamental Fish

Many people think that edible fishes are more beneficial fish to raise. However, ornamental fish is actually the third most common choice of pet. This means that there is actually a lot of business potential when you decide this type of fish to farm. In addition to the economic benefit, here are some reasons why you should be starting a fish farm immediately.

1. Doing business and hobbies at the same time

Ornamental fish breeding

If you love fishes and you have fishes as a pet, then this benefit is obvious for you. Instead of simply raising one or two fishes on your own, why don’t you raise several fishes and build your own fish farm? A business started from the thing you love or your hobby will turn any boring work into fun activities.

When you already familiar with raising fish although as a pet, you will know the basic requirements you are going to need to build a fish farming business. Not only you know how to raise them properly, but you will also understand where to market them or any other obstacles that may come. Therefore, it is highly possible that you are going to succeed in this business considering that you know everything necessary about raising fish and you may even do not need to buy any ornamental fish farming book.

2. Does not require large media or area

Ornamental Fish Farming, Does not require large media or area

Consumable fishes usually need larger media to raise, but ornamental fishes are different. In this type of fish farming, quality is the most important thing you need to pay attention to, therefore, aquarium as a media is sufficient to start this business. Additionally, you only need less investment in the beginning compared to another type of business.

3. Easy to raise

Ornamental fish cultivation is probably one of the easiest types of business, considering that it is not hard to raise them. As long as you are knowledgeable about their basic biology and habit, you can easily raise them in the comfort of your own backyard.

4. Does not require a lot of manpower

Raising ornamental fishes does not really require hard physical labor. You only need a little aquarium unit and you can set up your own fish farming business. The only time you need some physical work is when you need to move the fish to other tanks, but that also does not require a lot of physical extortion. If you do need help, you can hire someone for a one day work and it will only require a couple of hours of work only.

5. You are indirectly involved in conserving the population of the fishes you are farming

By involving in cultivating the ornamental fishes, this means that you are also involved in the effort to conserve these fishes. Not only making a profit from it but also make sure that these fishes are alive and well and prevent them from extinction.

6. High demand for ornamental fishes

Ornamental fishes are still in high demand in many places around the world. Your buyer will not only those who buy ornamental fish as a pet, but also those who decided to raise fish in their offices, restaurants, or stores. Aquarium with ornamental fishes can be a nice addition to a room as a decoration. Not only it looks pretty, watching fishes swimming around can be relaxing too. Therefore, making the aquarium good ornaments in many places. With its multi-function, you will never lack a buyer.

Type of Fish to Raise in an Ornamental Fish Farm

There are various types of colorful fishes available that will make a great pet. However, not all type of ornamental fish has a large market opportunity. Some of them are also difficult to rise and also have less demand than other types. Therefore, if you are planning to start this business, consider these few types of fishes.

1. Koi Fish

Koi Fish Farming

This type of fish is perfect both for aquarium and pools. Generally, it is a cold water type of fish but now they can adapt to various type of climates due to their ability to survive almost everywhere. They are bright colored fishes that can be raised easily. Amazingly, this fish can be trained to eat directly from the hand.

2. Puffer Fish

These are tropical water fish but are adaptable to freshwater. The fishes have thorn-like part around the body and will blow their body when feeling threatened. They are known as toxic to keep them safe from predators, so you need to be extra careful when raising them.

3. Tropical Fish

Just as their name suggests, these fishes originate from tropical environments, but also adaptable in freshwater. They have bright color and various shape. Due to its colorful appearance, people prefer tropical fishes compared to other types of ornamental fishes.

4. Angelfish

This is another tropical fish or freshwater preferred by a lot of people. It has a bright yellow and blue color with white stripes. Although considered as predator fish, Angelfish can survive in aquariums and will adapt well.

5. Parrot Fish

This unique fish has a mouth that resembles those of parrot beaks, hence the name Parrot Fish. It has colorful skin that ranges from a combination of blue, yellow and sometimes with strikes of red.

6. Arowana Fish

This freshwater has an elongated body and can easily grow very long and big. There are a lot of Arowana species in nature, but only 10 types are usually kept as pets.

Steps Required in Ornamental Fish Farming

Just like other fish farming, there are certain steps you are going to need to make sure that the fish grow well. Here is everything you need to consider when you are trying to grow ornamental fish for business.

1. Fish Farm Tank

Fish farm tank for ornamental fish cultuvation

To farm ornamental fish, you don’t require a large area, but it depends on how much of fishes you want to breed. You can use an aquarium, cement pool, tarpaulin pool or other containers that can hold sufficient water for the amount of fish you are going to breed. However, make sure that you have a good quality of pool to raise them. To get a high-quality ornamental fish pond, you can buy a fish gram tank in fishfarmtank.com.

2. Water Quality

Water Quality

Every fish has a different type of living environment. Therefore, you need to pay attention to water quality, temperature, pH, oxygen, and water clarity. Make sure that the water at least 24-30oC with 7-8 pH level. Also, the oxygen content should at least more than 3 ppm with a clarity level of 30-60 cm.

You can use any type of water, either well water or tap water. However, make sure to let the water sit for 12-24 hours first before putting the fish in it. This is important to reduce the gas level and as well as the dissolved oxygen.

3. Ornamental Fish Feeding

Ornamental Fish Feeding

Fish feeding is easily found and purchased in farming stores. Pellet feeding is usually formulated with a sufficient amount of protein that can support the growth of the fish. However, you can also feed your fish with other natural food sources such as little bugs, or silkworm. However, this type of food may be harder to get.

4. Selecting Fish Breeders

Selecting fish breeders is one of the most important steps in fish farming. First of all, you need to prepare a fish breeding tank specifically used to breed these fishes. Prepare male and female fishes that are ready to breed. The female fish should be mature enough with mature gonads.

Female fish that is ready to breed usually have a bigger stomach that face towards the genitalia, and it felt soft when touched. The genital is a little bit prominent and when you press the stomach, an egg will come out. Meanwhile, you press the male’s stomach and a white liquid (sperm) come out, it means the male fish is also ready to breed.

Another thing you need to make sure is the fishes’ condition. They should be healthy, not suffering any illness and have good ancestry to make sure they can produce quality fishes.

5. Egg Hatching

When the fishes have spawning or lay eggs, the next process is hatching. The hatching process of these ornamental fish culture usually takes around 24 hours. Then when the eggs hatched, larvae are born. You can hatch these eggs in ornamental fish hatchery separated from the breeder, or keep them in the same tanks with the breeder. It all depends on the type of ornamental fish you are farming.

6. Ornamental Fish Larvae

Ornamental Fish Larvae

When the eggs hatched and turned into larvae, then you need to move them immediately to separated aquarium or fish tank filled with new water. You don’t need to feed them until 1 week after they hatch because they still have food reserves in their body in the form of egg yolk.

After one week, you need to feed the larvae every day. Specific feeding for fish larvae is usually easily found in the farming market. Once they are grown into ornamental fish seeds, you can give them pellet. Make sure to watch the amount of feeding you gave them. Too little feed will inhibit their growth, but too many feeds will reduce the water quality as it becomes dirty, which in turn will affect your fishes’ health.

7. How to Market Ornamental Fish

Once the fishes are grown enough, they are ready to be marketed. You can sell them directly to pet owners that are looking for ornamental fishes. You can also try to approach some pet shops and collaborate with them as suppliers. Certain events like fair or bazaar can be a great place to market your ornamental fish.

Ornamental aquaculture is one of many promising job alternatives since it is easy to start and has the potential to grow well. These fishes are generally easy to raise and can be sold at a good price, which economically profitable for farmers. For a beginner in fish farming, there are usually Ornamental Fish Farming Training centers available around the city. Or you can also pick a book about fish farming and start to learn about how to raise them.

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