The Right Food to Feed Tilapia for Maximum Growth

The Right Food to Feed Tilapia for Maximum Growth

Various Type of Tilapia Food to Feed Tilapia

Tilapia contains a lot of nutrition good for our health. It does not only taste delicious but also quite affordable compared to another source of protein. Therefore, tilapia farming is one of many good business prospects in the farming and agriculture field. Tilapia is easily adaptable to new environment and conditions, as well as any kind of food source. However, if you want to have thriving products, you need to get the right food to feed tilapia.

What do tilapia eat?

Tilapia feeding is one of the easiest aspects of farming this fish. You can simply give them your leftover food and these fishes will be fine. But there are also many other types of food to feed tilapia. Here are some of them.

1. Natural Food

Natural Food tilapia feed - duckweed

Tilapia loves duckweed, in fact, it is a good organic tilapia food that will keep them healthy. Duckweed can generally grow in the same tank with the fish so that you will not have to worry about feeding the fish regularly. However, it is better to keep both separated because it will be difficult to see or catch the fish when your tank is fully covered with duckweed.

With a separated tank, you need to regularly check your duckweed and tilapia tank to feed the fish. However, how much duckweed to feed tilapia is the right amount? Actually, there will be no definitive answer because you cannot use the duckweed only as tilapia fish food. However, if you replace 50% of the daily feed of your tilapia, then they will start to lose its weight.

In addition to duckweed, you can also feed the fish with another natural source of foods like taro leaves or water spinach, Moss, Azolla and Coconut Pulp. These two types of leaves are good for tilapia and it is quite cheap and easy to get. If you want to feed them with these leaves, make sure to chop the leaves first into tiny pieces so that the fish can eat them easily.

Furthermore, bran is also good for smaller tilapia fish since it is come from in smaller particles. It is rich in carbohydrate that is good for their growth and also quite affordable.

2. Commercial Fish Feed

pallets Commercial tilapia feed

Aside from the duckweed, you can also use commercial fish feed to support their growth. Don’t worry about feeding them the non-organic food, because the organic fish food is actually widely available in a lot of fish store. There are various types of commercial fish food to feed your fish, so it should not be very hard to find them.

Commercial food usually contains 32% to 40% protein that may come from soy-based protein or fish meal. However, the soy-based one is usually more palatable to the fish, which is also an important part that frequently overlooked by feed manufacturers. In addition to protein, vitamin C is also one of the important nutrition needed that should not be omitted from the tilapia diet.

Tilapia food is important and needs to be considered when cultivating tilapia. If you are serious in cultivating tilapia it is better if you read an article about How to Start Tilapia Farming in an Easy Way. because in the guide contained the secrets of super intensive tilapia cultivation, which you certainly need.

3. Supplements

Adding supplements when you feed tilapia is also important to make sure that the fish stays healthy and thriving. These vitamins are also available in a lot of fish stores. Give them vitamins at last once a month so that they can be healthier and grow faster.

Finding what type of food to feed tilapia is not really hard since this fish can eat any type of food. Although it can easily adapt to any source of food, it still better to feed them with selected food, preferably the organic one to make sure that they can grow healthy and thriving.

To get good quality tilapia fish, aside from fish feed, you also have to use the right media, which is a Fish farm tank. You can see the advantages in the article about the advantages of the tilapia farm tank for cultivation.

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