The Right Type of Food to Feed Catfish

The Right Type of Food to Feed Catfish

Important Food to Feed Catfish

Catfish fish farming is not really hard compared to other types of fish farming. This is because this fish is easy to breed, can withstand many types of disease, and also quick to adapt to the new environment as well as many types of food. Although this catfish can be considered as a strong type of fish, you need to make sure that their feed contains necessary catfish nutrition. Feed catfish with the right food to keep them healthy and grow bigger in a shorter period of time.

6 Types of Catfish Fish Food

If you are new in this catfish farming, you might wonder what do catfish eat, or how much duckweed to feed catfish. But rest easy, there are six types of fish food you can give to your catfish.

1. Flies maggot


This is an alternative catfish feeding loved by these fishes. The flies maggot referred to here is from the black soldier fly which has gone through their second phase. Precisely before entering the pupa phase and before growing into adult flies. This feed contains 40% protein, a really high amount compared to pellet which only contains 20 to 25% of protein.  Feed catfish with this type of food to increase their metabolism.

2. Trash Fish

Trash Fish - catfish feed

Trash fish also contains high nutrition good for catfish. In addition to being high in protein, trash fish also contains other components important for the growth of your catfish. This type of feed can be given to the catfish as daily feed.

3. Snail

Snail - catfish feeding

The high protein content in a snail can help the fish grow faster. Many experienced fish farmers use snail as cheap food alternatives for their catfish due to its high content of nutrition. In fact, a snail has as high nutrition as a golden snail type. Therefore, if you happen to find snail in your front yard, don’t just immediately throw them away. Give them to your catfish instead.

Or better, you can cooperate with farmers around your area to send you snail found on their farm. While catfish farmers may consider snail as an alternative food source for their fish, plant farmers tend to consider snail as a pest.

4. Worm

Worm for catfish food

It is common knowledge that worms have really high protein content. It can reach up to 76%, far higher than mammals meat that only contains around 76% or fishes that contain 50% protein. With this high amount of protein, worms can become the perfect feed for your catfish. Although any type of worm typically has the same high content of protein, try to use the silkworm instead if it is available around your area.

Silkworm may have a similarly high content of protein with other types of worms, however, it has a smoother texture. This texture is easier for the catfish to digest which will help them process the nutrition better and faster. Although worms may be great for your catfishes’ health, it can make the pool water gets really dirty faster. You may need to clean the water frequently if you feed catfish with worms.

5. Plants and Leaves

Azolla organic food for catfish

Plants and leaves are also a good alternative to organic fish food for catfish. Try giving them duckweed, azolla, or river spinach. Although typically plants don’t have a very high content of protein, it is different from these three types of plants. Duckweed, Azolla, and river spinach have higher protein compared to other type of plants, which can reach around 25 to 35%.

Azolla is a type of water ferns that can grow by the pool. Therefore, if you find these plants around your catfish pool, don’t just immediately throw it away. You can give them to your catfish instead as an alternative food source once in a while.

6. Poultry

Poultry is feed of catfish

Chicken is also a great source of nutrition for catfish. If your fish farm happens to be located near a chicken farm, then it may be good news for you. You can ask for a newly dead chicken from their farm and process them into feeding to feed catfish. Catfish is a carnivore animal, therefore they can eat poultry just in a couple of minutes. However, you need to process this dead chicken first.

Boil the chicken until it is really done to make sure that the chicken is free from any disease and foul smell. Once you boil the chicken for a while, you can give them to your catfish as a whole. Your fishes will feast on this chicken and it will help them grow bigger faster.

Those are some types of food to feed catfish to make sure they receive the best nutrition they can have. Although catfish tend to be strong and easily adaptable, giving them the right food will help to maintain their health. Additionally, it can also improve their metabolism and in turn, will help them to reach their maximum growth size. With a good quality of catfish, you will receive better benefit through higher selling price.

To get good quality catfish, aside from fish feed, you also have to use the right media, which is a Fish farm tank. You can see the advantages in the article about the advantages of the catfish farm tank for cultivation.

Catfish feed is important and needs to be considered when cultivating catfish. If you are serious in cultivating catfish it is better if you read an article about How to Start Catfish Farming in an Easy Way. because in the guide contained the secrets of super intensive catfish cultivation, which you certainly need.

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